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New Delhi - INFO

Delhi is the capital of India. It is present in northern India and is located on the west bank of Yamuna River with Uttar Pradesh on this side and on the north, west and south it is enclosed by Haryana. Delhi is spread over an area of 1483 sq. kilometers, 216 meters above sea level and has a population of around 14 million.

New Delhi is a city of the future which has all the bounties of the past still well preserved. It is adorned with ancient monuments, yet it is a city that is building the most advanced infrastructure for the next generation.  The city is a real melting pot of all of India's great religions and is an ideal example of the religious synergy and harmony that exists in India.

It is said that in New Delhi you can get a decent meal from USD 1 to 100 USD. Therefore it is acity where the rich and poor both can co-exist and prosper further.
A city which is very laid out, it has scenic gardens that offer the rare opportunity for an urban dweller to go for leisurely walks and unwind in the chaos and din of the city atmosphere.

The social fabric of Delhi is absolutely cosmopolitan in its truest essence because by virtue of being the capital of the largest democracy of world, it has people from all parts of India who have made it their home. This makes the city very multi linguistic and multi cultured. Delhi has embassies of more than 160 countries and without doubt it is definitely the power capital with political houses having a major interest in this region.

As the new age has arrived Delhi is also transforming into a major Information Technology destination of India. As per the latest figures and analysis - Delhi and NCR accounted for maximum software export from India. IT and ITES have found their place in Delhi and NCR, where the infrastructure provides conducive environment to make the industry flourish like never before. All major multinationals like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Sony, etc have their offices in Delhi and NCR.

Delhi stands for the glorious India of the past and also for the modern & vibrant India of the future and this is a city that has a billion business opportunities waiting to be tapped and explored by businessmen and entrepreneurs.